We are developing several new lines for release to market in the future. However, your favourites such as SuperOrbs® and UltraOrbs™ are planned for relaunch once we secure a production facility for these unique and sophisticated product lines.

We’ll update this page as soon as we have new information – stay tuned!

Mandalas Dark Chocolate

Release 2020

Wildcrafted Drinking Chocolate

Release 2020

Mandalas Mylk Chocolate

Release 2020

Wildcrafted Choc-coated Cashews

Release 2020

“The most delicious energy snack I have ever tasted. Everything I need to help power through my day is in one compact orb – but how do you stop at 1?”

Our incredibly popular Orb product lines will be back in the near future. Consumers all across Australia enjoyed SuperOrbs® and UltraOrbs™ for over a decade and we’ve been inspired to ensure they make a prompt return.

SuperOrbs™ were so popular they were being sold in China until the corona virus outbreak. So cross fingers, we will be able to start shipping them again in Australia, Asia and via established connections in North America and Europe as soon as practical.

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