Organic Ingredients

Unroasted cacao beans (65%), raw cacao butter (5%), coconut sugar, peppermint oil, sunflower lecithin


Manufactured in a facility that handles: TREE NUTS.

Made in Australia using imported & local ingredients

Cacao provides the best natural food source for magnesium, iron, chromium, manganese, zinc, copper, phenylethylamine, trytophan, serotonin and soluble fibre.

Coconut Sugar contains fibre (inulin) along with iron, zinc, calcium potassium, polyphonels and short-chain fatty acids.

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A transcendental chocolate experience

Allow the essence of pure chocolate to elevate you

Experience the profound elements of the cacao bean, with its inherent sun-invoked ormus energy and bliss and vitality inducing properties, this is a starseed that is truly in alignment with the celestial realm.

Raw cacao’s psychoactive brain-enhancing properties provide the most enjoyable and natural mood enhancement experience that will feel positively transendental.

Enjoy our raw, stoneground chocolate handcrafted by a unique, pioneering approach to chocolate making.
What makes Mandalas so different is that our low-processed, bean-to-disc method involves slow-grinding the raw, unroasted cacao bean.

The pure, rich taste and authentic texture of Natural flavoured Mandalas fused with low-GI coconut sugar is perfect as a blissful snack, blended with your favourite warm milk adding to smoothies or use in cooking and baking.

Each 72 gram pack contains three large mandalas for only $7.90 RRP.